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Golf Packages

Greenhead Lodge has combined with VisitScotland's 'Gateway to Golf Pass' for South West Scotland.
The passes are applicable on 26 courses across Dumfries and Galloway and in 2010 come in two options;
Three rounds from £80, or six rounds from £120.
There are 3 courses applying a supplement of £5 and 1 applying a supplement of £15.
Greenhead Lodge will prepare and pre-book your itinerary tailored to the standard and intensity of the golf you wish to play, based on the length of your visit. If you wish to stay outwith the main summer months short breaks, mid-week or weekend, can be arranged.

The main packages on offer are;
A) Fanatical and Fit. Attempting 2 rounds most days on the big courses circuit, which makes for a long day, particularly when the links courses in the west are involved. 
B) Just Fanatical. Again mostly 2 courses a day but using some of the shorter courses and closer to base but still a challenge.
C) Connoisseur-Links. As suggested particularly targeting the big links courses but at a more leisurely pace of a round per day, coupled with the opportunity to travel the breadth of Dumfries and Galloway and appreciate the scenery. A £20 supplement could apply.
D) Connoisseur. Quality parkland and links courses combination, all within easy short trip from base. This package could have the £30 supplement.
E) Relaxed. Combining parkland and shorter links within easy travel just like (B) but only one course a day, and could have a £10 supplement.
F) Fun. Mix of 18 and 9 hole courses within easy driving distance, where golf is only intended as part of the experience in enjoying the tranquillity, scenery and space which is the outdoors of Dumfries and Galloway.

You and your party may wish to do your own thing entirely and take daily or weekly tickets for individual courses and again advice on this can be given.
Greenhead Lodge plans to offer further benefits to the golfer with its own mini-range facility for tuning up. This would be free of charge provided not too many balls were lost in the neighbouring farm's fields.
Finally don't be put off if your party isn't really into self catering, as all clubs offer meals, and of course Dumfries is well served with restaurants. The Lodge can also arrange your provisions requirements for breakfasts, removing yet another minor diversion from the serious business of golf and a relaxing holiday.